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Welcome to our store, your support is our biggest driving force, all products in our store are sold at low prices, and the quality is guaranteed, please rest assured to buy if you need it, we are sure to give you the most comfortable shopping experience! We have delivered a wide range of Fruits Basket inspired merchandise ranging from Fruits Basket Accessories, Fruits Basket Decoration, Fruits Basket Clothing, and more. Although it is hard to find all kinds of Fruits Basket products in most stores. But, we have it all! One-stop shopping to facilitate all your choices. Fortunately, you also can be a designer by using your photos.


Your Personalized Fruits Basket Puzzle


Do you want to develop your brain and make yourself smarter? Puzzle can improve intelligence and logical thinking by solving puzzles. Puzzle is the most fun you'll have while exercising your brain. This is not a generic puzzle game, but one that leads you step-by-step through difficult logic puzzles with hints and explanations if you get stuck. You can do it alone or with friends and family! The Fruits Basket puzzle is more interesting and fashionable.


Your Personalized Fruits Basket Wall Clock


Love for a lifetime, start with the "bell" as one.


Wall Clock is a good choice for home and office. It has a fashionable Fruits Basket design, simple and concise style, and easy to use. The clock is made of high-quality material, which is durable and reliable. We know you'll love your wall clock as much as we do, and that you'll want your purchase to last a lifetime. The Fruits Basket image is printed on the wall clock, you can see your idols every day. And you can choose the round or square wall clocks.


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High quality: Our products are all subject to strict quality inspection. We have a strict production process in order to ensure to provide customers with the highest quality service.


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The Introduction to Fruits Basket


The TV animation "Fruit Basket" is adapted from the manga of the same name by the Japanese cartoonist Natsuki Takaya. The TV animation was launched in 2001.


High school girl, Toru Honda is a pure, kind, and a little confused girl. After the death of her mother who depended on each other, she began a hard life living in a tent alone.


And an unexpected coincidence made her live in the house of Yuki Soma, who was called "Prince" by all the girls in the school. The Soma family bears a big secret. Thirteen people in the family have to bear possession of the twelve zodiac signs and cat monsters. This is a curse that the Soma family cannot get rid of. Inside the family that looks rich and glamorous on the surface, everyone has their own pain in the heart. And Honda Toru gradually entered their world, accepting fate, or breaking through the curse? What are the future of Toru Honda and the zodiac? Around these, one unexpected story happened one after another.